The revolution begins

The screams came right after the earth rumbled. Hundreds of people looked up as the skyscrapers trembled. Then they ran. The windows of the shaking buildings shattered and fell off. Seconds later, a huge explosion rocked the modern Nairobi Metropolitan State. The whole east side of the gated State, from Konza City unto We’hun, the African Silicon Valley, ceased to exist and dust filled up the huge expanse that had changed the world. A hundred and eight seven kilometers away, lying naked on a five by five traditional bed next to a humanoid, Madison Ita, watched the drama unfold on … Continue reading The revolution begins

She sells sex to me, my wife does

She sells sex to me, my wife does In lingerie she dresses, if her account I keep filling Role playing she does, if my money she keeps handling When I am broke and dry; In her pajamas she starts hiding Every touch, she meets with a frown, her body starts aching My hands brushed aside, her head constantly aching My kisses turned away, her stomach starts cramping I tell you, she sells sex to me my wife does She sells sex to me, my wife does When the fridge is filled and the gas filled up My neighbors can only … Continue reading She sells sex to me, my wife does

Saving No one

It poured. Lightning flashed opening the darkness that hid the huge sky scrapers and the spaces between them. Metallic bats rose into the air, startled by the sudden light, their chatter breaking the night’s silence. They settled as rapidly as they had risen. The magnetic ripples from the Android Control Center forcing them back into the Old Nairobi City. The new Nairobi Metropolitan City shone like polished gold; it looked like day on the streets below, lights were usually brighter than the sun rays at that level. Operations were as normal as normal could be. The offices remained open under … Continue reading Saving No one

Becoming a Masai warrior

  “A knife, a spear or a simi?” he asked. “Simi,” she responded after a pause. She raised her face from the necklace she was attaching beads to and looked at him. He lay on the mat, facing the roof of their home. He was shirtless, his small ribs sticking out like the thorns of an Acacia tree on its bark. Several flies hovered over his face but he looked calm, undisturbed. “The Morans will be dancing during the initiation, their hair flying over their heads as they jump,” he continued. “I will stand straight completely naked, with mud applied … Continue reading Becoming a Masai warrior


The wind stopped howling in the dark night and the flail of the waves had become softer. The boat now gently rocked on the waters, moving with the tide. Nikika opened her eyes and looked at her little girl. Wrapped in a bundle of all the clothes she owned, the girl was asleep. Like the rest of the boat, she smell a mixture of sweat, vomit, blood and hopelessness. It was a miracle that she was alive. More than twenty people had died since they left the shores of Morocco. Their bodies sadly and silently dropped into the ocean, to … Continue reading Exodus

They Crucified Lucifer

They crucified Lucifer, The ancient Dragon Sword wielding, forked tongue, hissing serpent. His hands nailed; Spear thrust on twisting slippery waist, And crown of thorns stuck on his horn filled head. Like a magician with a new trick he smiled. No blood spilled, He turned the purple curtain in the synagogue black as the sun brightened. The whores smiled; in their brothels the mourners they beckoned, The righteous father’s eyes followed as he stood in purple and gold Leading blonde sons crying pure gold Ahead of charming evangelist on screens; charming and bold And together they carried masses; of the … Continue reading They Crucified Lucifer

Seek the reaper

He wrote my life as I write this verse Cheated me of my rhymes Filling them with metaphors and similes So I write my verse with no feelings, no mercy Breaking the rules: no harm no foul Who to blame Blame the writer not the poet I seek grave posts like they seek dwelling places I taunt the reaper.. doubt eternity What’s life if not death unturned Morbidity – creation- inverted So I dare death, seek the place of demise Blame the poet not the writer Unreal this life is Untrue the next I feel Life after, sounds like an … Continue reading Seek the reaper

Forgive me; am cheating on you

    I am cheating on you girl with my every step, every minute I am cheating on you for I hear you voice behind every whisper, every sound I turn around smiling and you not there   I am cheating on you girl with my heart and senses for I smell your breath in every fragrance, every corner I see your smile in my dreams both day and night and I smile back then wake up   forgive me for am cheating on you smiling at the thoughts of you reminiscing the times with you kissing the imagination of … Continue reading Forgive me; am cheating on you

Taking her home (For the rhyme a flash fiction)

I saw her in the club. Her cascading, shinning hair accentuating her attracting, oval shaped eyes-watering face. She was smiling, drinking and flirting. Her mouth was whispering, her fingers touching, caressing the man next to her. I knew she was a money scheming, gold digging, rich man hunting, wealth seeking woman. I sat across her, starring, wallet opening, waiter-ordering drinks until she noticed me. My wallet, open ended, tabled topped, note popping had her in seconds bad mouthing, brain scheming of table changing tactics. I smiled as she swaying, flipped her finger at the man then bottom shaking made her … Continue reading Taking her home (For the rhyme a flash fiction)

Shoot the Cupid, Shoot the damn Cupid

Shoot the Cupid Shoot the damn Cupid I pray thee mighty knight. Vanquish his hold and break his bow- let him run scared day and night For he lies, yes he does, with that smile and a face so innocent And preys on the weak, the dreamers and the brave, the soldier and the knight   Shoot the Cupid Shoot the damn Cupid I say, for he painted love for me Painted it beautifully; in colours warm and sweet. A love for me. But he lies this Cupid, yes he does, for he said love was mine… only for me … Continue reading Shoot the Cupid, Shoot the damn Cupid