Can’t wait to see you

Heart thumping, watch not moving waiting to see you…. Anxious feeling, mind wandering can’t wait to talk to you…. Words failing, days ceased mattering! Is it the same with you In a mat heading to town… Thinking of things we could do on a couch Body shivering… Goose bumps creeping…. Thinking of your touch Can’t wait to see you… The anticipation …ouch You make me smile… lit my life up like a torch It’s more than the crouch, you touch my senses… Stimulate my mind My body thinks of the crouch… My mind misses the stimuli..the nerves too sensitive ….ouch Continue reading Can’t wait to see you

Dawn comes painfully

Mwanne washed the dishes slowly. Her small hands methodically moved from plate to plate, soaping and scrubbing. Shadows of her smooth black hands danced on the white tiled walls above to the kitchen sink. The electric bulb hanging from the white ceiling illuminated the room, casting faint shadows on the wall. The kitchen was spotless. On the mahogany table to her left, a thermos stood next to a packet of cereals. The soft hum of the fridge accompanied the sound of running tap water. The rest of the house was silent except for the occasional whine of the dogs outside. … Continue reading Dawn comes painfully

The transfer

It was confirmed. They would cut me up in the morning, remove it and stitch me up. The thought makes me swallow a knot, my stomach tightens again. I feel the dampness on the bed sheets. I am sweating and it is not due to the heat. I close my eyes. Maybe this is a dream that I will wake up from. But even with my eyes closed, I feel the soft damp bed sheets on my back and hear the traffic outside. It is no dream. I open my eyes. An old white fan stares at me from the … Continue reading The transfer


I pulled the pillow over my ears but it didn’t filter the sounds. My sister woke up with a start and after listening to them for a while she started sobbing.  “Let’s go and help mummy,” she whispered softly between what had now become out right weeping. I got out of my bed and sat on hers. I pulled her gently and held her on my lap. Slowly, I started singing her favorite church song. “Jesus loves me this I know…” Mum yelled in the kitchen and Dad yelled back. Something hit the wall hard. Tears slowly ran down my … Continue reading SONGS OF THE INNOCENT

The Witch’s soup

He throws in the lizard legs to make her invisible when the need arises. I stir for the first hour, chanting the words. He adds hippopotamus fat, rotten eggs and a pinch of salt. He stirs the next hour and calls me when it turns purple. I blow my nose and let the contents slide into the mixture. “What’s that for master?” the apprentice asks me, face full of expectation. I look at him long and hard. I want to lie but decide not to. “It’s for all the nasty things she is going to do to you Continue reading The Witch’s soup

Koinange street blues

It’s a cursed night for the green city under the sun. Dark. Cold. Gloomy. Lightening flashes as the heavens pour out their wrath on Nairobi. Every street is overflowing with water. A homeless man pulls polythene covers over his legs. He is part of a street family that is huddled around each other, shivering on one of the dry pavements. A toddler scared of the lightening screams in the midst of the group. A slap from her drunken mother shuts her up. Someone coughs loudly and another responds in kind. There is some movement and after a few minutes the … Continue reading Koinange street blues

The revolution begins

The screams came right after the earth rumbled. Hundreds of people looked up as the skyscrapers trembled. Then they ran. The windows of the shaking buildings shattered and fell off. Seconds later, a huge explosion rocked the modern Nairobi Metropolitan State. The whole east side of the gated State, from Konza City unto We’hun, the African Silicon Valley, ceased to exist and dust filled up the huge expanse that had changed the world. A hundred and eight seven kilometers away, lying naked on a five by five traditional bed next to a humanoid, Madison Ita, watched the drama unfold on … Continue reading The revolution begins

She sells sex to me, my wife does

She sells sex to me, my wife does In lingerie she dresses, if her account I keep filling Role playing she does, if my money she keeps handling When I am broke and dry; In her pajamas she starts hiding Every touch, she meets with a frown, her body starts aching My hands brushed aside, her head constantly aching My kisses turned away, her stomach starts cramping I tell you, she sells sex to me my wife does She sells sex to me, my wife does When the fridge is filled and the gas filled up My neighbors can only … Continue reading She sells sex to me, my wife does

Saving No one

It poured. Lightning flashed opening the darkness that hid the huge sky scrapers and the spaces between them. Metallic bats rose into the air, startled by the sudden light, their chatter breaking the night’s silence. They settled as rapidly as they had risen. The magnetic ripples from the Android Control Center forcing them back into the Old Nairobi City. The new Nairobi Metropolitan City shone like polished gold; it looked like day on the streets below, lights were usually brighter than the sun rays at that level. Operations were as normal as normal could be. The offices remained open under … Continue reading Saving No one

Becoming a Masai warrior

  “A knife, a spear or a simi?” he asked. “Simi,” she responded after a pause. She raised her face from the necklace she was attaching beads to and looked at him. He lay on the mat, facing the roof of their home. He was shirtless, his small ribs sticking out like the thorns of an Acacia tree on its bark. Several flies hovered over his face but he looked calm, undisturbed. “The Morans will be dancing during the initiation, their hair flying over their heads as they jump,” he continued. “I will stand straight completely naked, with mud applied … Continue reading Becoming a Masai warrior