Short time

He tries kissing me and I face away. It doesn’t seem to bother him. He holds my head and whispers something in my ear. His hands struggle with the buttons on my blouse. I do not help.

He pushes me onto the bed when it opens. He looks at me with a pleased expression.

“Sexy,” he says. I stare at him. His teeth are stained, a darkish brown color and he smells like a tobacco factory.  He pushes his trousers down his long legs and climbs on to the bed.

I close my eyes, shutting down my emotions. I pretend I am at the beach, watching the sun set. It works for a second before a painful pinch at my nipple brings me back into the world.

He grunts and pinches some more. I try to get his hands off and that excites him even more.

I pinch him, scratch his back and struggle to get him off my breast. I curse. He curses back. I scream loudly. He yells an obscene word, and crumbles on the side of the bed, releases the nipple.

I look at my nipple, it looks swollen. I rub it softly. He gets off the bed and walks towards the bathroom.

I cover myself with the white bed sheets.

“You are a wild one” he says when he gets to the door.

I look at him. There is a wide grin on his face. He looks like a child that has just stolen sugar from the kitchen.

I hear the water running in the bathroom.

He comes back, fully dressed.

I hope he is content but I can’t tell. The silly grin has left his face.

“What had we agreed on,” he asks.

“Four thou!” I reply.

“For what,” he sounds angry.

He looks at me. “Two thousand is all you will get.”

“Four was what we agreed upon,” I half yell at him.

I get off the bed, leaving the bed sheets behind and stand on the way to the door.

He looks at my nakedness.

“It’s all right. We are not fighting,” he says and throws the four notes on the table. He takes a step towards me and stretches his hand to touch me. I move away.

He grins again and shakes his head.

“Later sexy,” he says.


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