Skull without Flesh

Like a skull without flesh, muscle and eyes

Am faceless

I live like a scribe without history, ink and paper

Am baseless

My words caper in tragedy, loss and misfortune

Like a corpse, bloodless and spineless.


In darkness my fingers grasp, nothing.

Grasp again, emptiness,

Eyes I open; darkness.

I close I open, nothing but darkness

Like a man that seeks life yet owns it naught

That seeks riches yet leaves them when he dies



Life like air came into me at conception

Inhaled it hard at birth and cried from the joy of it

Embracing it; accepting it. Making it a part of me

But like a wing it will blow through me

And struggle I will, to suck it back again

Jerking as it will leave me dead. Lifeless



My muscles collapse, skin swells and bloats

Flesh sinks in, Eyes pop out, and veins disappear

Worms eat up, flesh decays bacteria feast and drink

Bones protrude; I change slowly from man to dust

Gone, by the wind that first blew into me

For it came back and blew out of me.


(Its my first attempt at poetry on the site, a few pointers are welcome. Thanks)




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