I pulled the pillow over my ears but it didn’t filter the sounds. My sister woke up with a start and after listening to them for a while she started sobbing.  “Let’s go and help mummy,” she whispered softly between what had now become out right weeping. I got out of my bed and sat on hers. I pulled her gently and held her on my lap. Slowly, I started singing her favorite church song.

“Jesus loves me this I know…”

Mum yelled in the kitchen and Dad yelled back. Something hit the wall hard. Tears slowly ran down my cheeks.

“Yes, Jesus loves me…” I sang rocking Sandra back and forth. She had started sucking her thumb and her other hand held my arm softly.

“I will kill you and the fucking kids,” Dad shouted loudly.

“Kill us,” Mum shouted even louder. “Then go and bring that whore in here, because that’s what you want, isn’t it?”

I thought I heard the sounds of a plate making contact with the floor and an open hand hitting a face. I closed my eyes tightly.

I heard a knock on the front door and I continued holding my frightened sister, whose crying had now ceased. The front door opened and I could hear people speaking although I couldn’t make out the words.

“Is it Jesus?” Sandra asked softly.

“No Sandra, it’s the police,” I said hoping that I was right.

“I love the police,” she said softly.

She removed her thumb from her mouth and hugged me tightly.

I felt helpless as I hugged her back.

“Yes Jesus loves me…” I sang and continued singing until Sandra drifted off to sleep.


10 thoughts on “SONGS OF THE INNOCENT

  1. Your story captures the real horror experienced by children in a violent home. As Modern puts it so well: No child should have to live this way. Thanks for sharing and stay well

  2. What a pain! The impact of domestic violence on children is Just as traumatising as it is on adult survivors. How they wish it away but sadly, even the police don’t just turn up!!

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